My Employee Is Afraid To Come To Work Because Of A Marijuana Store

images-172Dear Evil Skippy:

I manage a small professional office in Washington state. As you know but some of your readers may not, in our state marijuana is legal. A licensed marijuana store opened a few doors down from our office. One of my employees is now demanding that she be able to work from home because the “criminal element” that has moved in makes her feel unsafe. I think my employee’s request is weird and unreasonable. How would you handle it?

– Supervisor

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My Boss Talks About Killing People

images-171Dear Evil Skippy:

I have a boss who served in the military in Afghanistan. From time to time he says things like, “You should listen to what I say. I’ve killed people.” It really bugs me. Other than ignore the comments, what can I do?

– Bill

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Auto-Correct Made Me Sound Like A Pervert

Dear Evil Skippy:

I need advice, fast. I sent a text to a female co-worker. (I’m a guy). I was writing about a new brand of pen that our office has been using and I was having trouble make work. I meant to text, “Maybe you can help me make my pens work right.” Either auto-correct or my typing skills let me down because “pens” somehow turned into one of my very important and personal body parts. She did not reply to the message and I did not notice my error until today (the day after I sent it). Now I don’t know if she is mad, thinks I sent it on purpose or what. There is a chance she is just saying nothing because she knows what really happened and is being polite by staying silent. Should I take that chance or go ahead and explain?

– Mortified

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My Employees Are At Each Other’s Throats Over The News

images-170Dear Evil Skippy:

Do you have any advice for me as a supervisor for when current news events disrupt the workplace? Two people who report to me are now mad at each other because of their different opinions about the recent event where a police officer shot a teenager in Ferguson. One employee says that law enforcement officers were corrupt racists and the other says the shooting victim was looking for a fight. Now the two employees barely speak to one another and the whole workplace is tense. I don’t want to prohibit conversations about news events but I also don’t want a mini-war in the office. What would you do to calm down the situation?

– Frustrated

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One Way Not To Be Bored At Work

Dear Evil Skippy:

I am working in an office job while I finish my college degree. The job is tedious but it pays well and allows me to take extra time off around finals, so I won’t be thinking about a new job or seeking internal promotion until I graduate. Please give me some ideas for keeping myself entertained as I work so I won’t go crazy from boredom.

– Trying To Last

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How Do I Tell Co-Workers About My Divorce?

images-169Dear Evil Skippy:

I got divorced three months ago but have not told anyone at the office. At first, I did not want to talk about it so no one at work knew what was happening. Now that the dust has settled and I am feeling normal again, I need to find a way to tell everyone without getting them upset at me for keeping it a secret from them for so long. How can I break the news without making them all think I don’t trust them?

– Cathy from California

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My Employee Is Obsessed With Ebola

images-167Dear Evil Skippy:

One of the employees who reports to me is wigging out about the Ebola virus. She is certain that we are about to have a local outbreak and are doomed.  She also is insisting that we have mandatory safety training about how to prevent spreading the disease and how to spot symptoms. We have told her no many times but she keeps insisting. How do we make her stop?

– Anonymous

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I Took The Weasel

Dear Evil Skippy:

I really like your rule that says “Take No Weasels”, but I had a bad experience trying to follow it the other day. I was coaching (reprimanding, actually) an employee and he kept throwing out irrelevant excuses. I ran out of patience and told him to stop trying to hand me weasels. He was confused and it pretty much de-railed our conversation. How can I use the No Weasels Rule if an employee insists on handing over weasels after I tell him to stop?

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