Should I Give A Lying Applicant A Second Chance?

Dear Evil Skippy:

Recently, I turned down an applicant for lying during his interview. He said he had a college degree but my reference checking revealed that he did not actually have one. I told him why he was not being selected and he begged for a chance to explain, so I gave it to him. He told me that he did not intend to mislead me. He explained that he had taken lots of courses over the years after dropping out of his degree program and that he has earned enough credits to have a degree. While I kind of admire his persistence, I still feel like he can’t be trusted. He is asking for a second chance. I am not inclined to give it to him but am wondering what Evil Skippy would have to say about it.

– Supervisor

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I Was Falsely Accused Of Inappropriate Staring

Dear Evil Skippy:

I recently went through a long interview process with a company that I would really like to join. I made it to a third and final round of interviews where I met with several different mangers as well as a few of the people who would have been my peers. The day after this marathon, the human resources rep (who I connected with really well during the lengthy recruiting process) told me that I had been eliminated from consideration because one of the prospective peers reported that I had, and I quote, “stared at her boobs during the entire interview.”

I know what person complained because I did think her blouse was way too tight and way too low cut to qualify as professional office attire. I may have raised my eyebrows for a nanosecond when I was introduced to her, but I made a deliberate point of keeping my eyes focused on her face. (My parents raised me right). I swear I did not stare, leer or do anything inappropriate and that is what I told the rep, rather emphatically. She replied that the decision had been made and was out of her hands.

I think my strong reaction made me look guilty. Is there anything I could have done differently to convince the rep that I was telling the truth?

– Jacob

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We Have Too Many Potlucks At Work

Dear Evil Skippy:

I have a co-worker who keeps setting up department potlucks. She is the only one who really wants to do them. The rest of us would rather save the events for once or twice a year because they create extra work for us at home as well as at the office. She simply won’t take no for an answer. Please give us some ideas to reduce the number of potlucks at work.

–  Brenda

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How To Steal A Workplace Election

images-163Dear Evil Skippy:

Every summer, my workplace sponsors an employee social event and the tradition is to solicit suggestions about what we should do. A planning committee then takes the suggestions from everyone and narrows it to two choices, then we all vote on what to do. This year, the choices are (1) A fully-catered BBQ/picnic and (2) Bowling.

I hate bowling and love BBQ. Please give me some evil ideas about how to make sure my co-workers vote for the BBQ.

– Evil Me

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How Can I Keep From Slapping Co-Workers?

Dear Evil Skippy (and Jim):

I compared your posts from when the blog was new to the ones from this past year and noticed that your slapping rate has gone down. I always feel like slapping my employees (but follow your usual advice and do the opposite of what ES would do). I would like to be calmer on the job and therefore am asking for your secret. To what do you attribute your relaxed attitude toward slapping?

– Bryan

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My Employee Says She Needs A “Service Animal” At Work

images-162Dear Evil Skippy:

I have been a supervisor for over ten years and am facing an issue that I never imagined before now. My “worst” employee has made an accommodation request to have a service animal with her at work. (We don’t allow people to bring animals into the workplace.) This employee is in no danger of being fired. She is “worst” because she has had both attitude and productivity problems, just not enough to put her job in jeopardy. She is a bit of a hypochondriac and is often thinking she has some new disease or syndrome. I can’t imagine why she would need a pet at work, but when I told H.R. what the employee wanted, they took it seriously. They gave me our normal documentation folder of forms for the employee to have her doctor fill out. This sounds like a scam to me. Is it even something real?

– Supervisor

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How Long Should I Wait Before Asking Out A Recently Widowed Co-Worker?

images-161Dear Evil Skippy:

I have been “interested” in one of my co-workers for a few years but kept my interest to myself because my co-worker was married. His wife recently passed away following a short illness. Is there a rule of thumb about how long I should wait before letting him know I would like to go out with him?

– No Names, Please

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My Co-Worker’s Bicycle Shorts Are Way Too Tight

paypal_accept_specialized_ruby_comp_racing_bike_strong_style_color_b82220_womens_strong_2011Dear Evil Skippy:

I work in a professional office. One of my male co-workers rides his bicycle to work. He changes from his riding gear into his suit and tie in the employee restroom. The problem is he walks through the main office floor after he arrives to get to that restroom. The bicycle pants he wears are tight beyond belief and leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. Nothing! It embarrasses me and makes me feel so uncomfortable every morning when he walks by. I talked to my supervisor and thought she would be sympathetic since she is a woman too, but she told me it is nothing you can’t see riding around town every weekend and that I should just look away.

I don’t want to see a perfect outline of his manhood every morning. With my supervisor ignoring me, what can I do?

– Marie

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